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Outdoor Ceiling Fan Guys creates extremely unique designs for its our outdoor ceiling fans. Each line of products does not come out of a lucky creative mind but follows a theme and current market needs. We research on the markets needs for its products and manufacture products that fit the buyers concept. We pay attention to every detail on your product. For our outdoor ceiling fans with lighting fixtures, the lighting does not just come with mere lights or ordinary embellishments. The result of customized products and functionalities leads our customer to desire a long-term partnership with Outdoor Ceiling Fan Guys.We have a wide variety of ceiling fan products. Our products are both for residential and commercial use.



Outdoor Ceiling Fan Guys is compliant with all the laws and regulations concerning the manufacture, installation and repair of outdoor ceiling fans. With the necessary licencing comes greater confidence for our buyers in the products we make. Acquired and owned licences are from both the central government and local authorities.


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Outdoor Ceiling Fan Guys is one of the leading outdoor ceiling fan companies with a proven track record in outdoor ceiling fans manufacture, installation of top of the line outdoor ceiling fans and repair. We are known as the makers of the worlds best and finest ceiling fans. Outdoor Ceiling Fan Guys is committed to the provision of high quality outdoor ceiling fans.

For these and any other such services, please contact Outdoor Ceiling Fan Guys on 888-301-1215.

Outdoor Ceiling Fans

outdoor ceiling fans are made to be used outside of the house, for example on the porch or on the veranda, but only for a covered location. The size of the fan determines the area of coverage. Lighting and air-cooling systems are paramount when it comes to creation of a conducive, fun and relaxed environment. A beautiful fan creates a perfectly divine look in your home. They give off the impression of an inviting mood and guests feel right at home. Ceiling fans give an atmosphere of freshness, sophistication, modernism and vibrancy.

Outdoor Ceiling Fan Guys outdoor ceiling fans do not just give an improved circulation of air at home but also come with lighting implements. This provide convenience to our customers as well as being cost effective.

Outdoor Ceiling Fan Guys outdoor ceiling fans are custom made to suit customers desire, can be used with or without lighting kit as per customers preference, are tailor made for any ceiling even those that are low riding, have an included lighting fixture and are energy efficient this covers their low wattage LED for both the fans lighting (where lighting fixture is included) and air circulation purposes. Our outdoor ceiling fans come in different shapes and sizes as per customers needs.

We have the best showrooms for display of our outdoor ceiling fans. We use top quality materials and accessories for our outdoor ceiling fans. We ensure that our material prices are competitive by having a direct chain of distribution between us and the manufacturers. With this kind of distribution chain, middlemen are eliminated thus dealing with the risk of counterfeit materials and increased costs involved with longer chains of distribution. This also makes it possible for our customers to replace fan parts with ease.

Contact Outdoor Ceiling Fan Guys on 888-301-1215 for more information on outdoor ceiling fans.

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